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Be Kid Again

We have all the experiences of five years old, ten years old, or fifteen years old within us.  For some reason, those experiences have been concealed as we grown up. We take everything as serious as adult should be. In truth, we are every age we have ever been. It is okay to laugh, cry, or be a child again sometime. Whatever you miss in childhood, here is the time to complete it. If you never have a chance to visit the zoo when you were a little, visit it now. If your parent didn’t buy you any toys back there, get yourself some toys you like. Who dare to stop you? It is never too late to restore the unhappiness childhood memories. Don’t sit down and complaining about how bad your childhood was, use your time in present to mend whatever is broken in the past.


Comments on: "Be Kid Again" (2)

  1. Maybe the new experiences overlap and eventually cover the younger ones. Eventually they are buried and forgotten.

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