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If you know that you have only 24 hours to live,  you probably will be nice to people you meet because soon you won’t see them any more.  You may smile to the clerks at grocery store after waiting at the long line for check out. You may forgive and even forget the wrong things people have done to you in the past. You may give all your leftover changes to the homeless you see on the side-walk. You may tell your love one whatever you haven’t got a chance tell them before. You will enjoy every moment you got and every breathe you take because you don’t have much left. So live your life like it is your last and make every minute counts. You will experience this once in yours live time.


Comments on: "Live Your Life Like It Is Your Last" (2)

  1. It is a blessing to have a life a here earth because it is given by God and we have make use of it as it is our last. We should not engage in any activities that would be detrimental to our health, e.g., excessive smoking and intoxicating liquors, addiction to drugs, excessive intake of fatty foods, and salts. We should watch our weight and we should have a regular exercise to protect our heart and other organs of the body. We are special creature of God because we are created in his likeness and our body is temple of God. We only live once contrary to the Song YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE and we have to live our lives like it is our last.

  2. What a nice picture to reflect all that thought…

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