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Eat only when you are hungry

Today, we live in food paradise where take out or delivery only a click away. It can take hour just stare at the menu because there are too many choices to choose. Our eyes are always hungry, we order more food than our stomach can handle.  The moment we wake up in the morning, we think of what to eat for breakfast. When we are done with breakfast we start to figure out what we want to eat for lunch and dinner. We got to have lunch by noon or dinner before 7 p.m. if we are not hungry we still have to eat because we may get hungry later. Additional to3 meals per day, we throw in appetizer before meals, desert after meals, snack bar at work, and chips or popcorn when we watch TV. We constantly feed ourselves without worrying about our health because we think we can do exercise to burn fat later.  Our body is like car engine, the goal is to mix just the right amount of gasoline with air so the engine runs properly. If there is not enough fuel mixed with the air, it will damages the engine. If there is too much fuel mixed with the air, the engine runs very smoky, runs poorly or at the very least wastes fuel. So if you want to be healthy and live longer, you should start to develop a new habit for yourselves.  Eat only when you are hungry and stop eating chunk food.  Don’t finish your plate clean, it is okay to have some left over. Instead of eating 3 big meals per day, you can divide them into smaller portion with 4-5 meals per day. Let not eat to die or die to eat.


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  1. Yes…Irrespective of whether we are hungry or not, we eat like it is a ritual and more often overload our stomach. I liked the example you have quoted. ‘Small frequent meals’ is indeed the best.

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