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The grass may always look greener on the other side but we still have to mow it. In lives, there are many things we take for granted and miss when they are gone. We don’t appreciate what we have but keep focusing on what we don’t have.  We walk around envying other people except ourselves.  We envy our friends for having such cool parents, envy neighbors for having expensive cars, or envy people for their success. Then we start to complain about driving old junky car without realize that we are better off than those people who wait at bus stop early morning. We complain about our jobs instead of we should feel lucky to have one. We are better off than those people who are lining up in front of unemployment office. We complain about your lives without knowing you are better off than almost half the world. Mostly in Africa continent, people lives on less than $2.50 per day. Why envy others when you already have? Somewhere out there, someone wish to live your life. They are willing to trade anything for it.


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