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First time we were introduced to this crucial world was in High School. We learnt that people label or call each other by name and what they think about us does matter. We start to mimic other popular kids and wearing the brand names clothing. For guys, we choose to play football or get involve in other athletic activities. For girls, we join the cheer-leading team. From observing and learning, we start to change our personality and hobbies gradually just to be fit in the environment. Today, we may not in High School anymore but we are still living in the past. We live our lives the way people expect. We’re afraid people dislike us so we try so hard to please them and forget our own personality or principal. We choose to live  the lives that influence by others instead of taking courage to create our own. In truth, people are not always agree and what they think about us is their opinions, not ours. No matter where we go or what we do, there are always someone who dislike us or talk on our back. That is life. We don’t need their approval to live our lives. So choose your own path and  be who you are, not what people want you to be.


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