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We all have dreams and the moment we wake up we forgot almost 90% of our dreams. Most of us spend our time trying to remember, some can’t stop trying to interpret, and others let their dream keep them awake. In the end, a dream is just a dream. Why do we try to remember, interpret, or figure something that meant to forget? Same apply to our daily life, we are surrounded with distractions everywhere we go. There are unfavorable music playing in the background, people talking on the phone, and  bad news on TV but those distraction meant to be ignored.  So don’t pay too much of your attention that allow them influence your focus and stop you from doing what you suppose to do.  Distraction is just an illusion which most of  magician use to break the focus of his audience before he vanishs a coin on his hand. Once you know, you will have no fear, worry, pain, conflict, or dissapointment. You see the path to what you want clearly because  know already what holding you back.

“Hapiness can only be found if you can free yourself of all other distractions.” ~ Saul Bellow


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