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Warriors vs. Peacemakers

Warriors believe they destine to fight because that is what they was trained for. Most of time, they compete with others, try to win, or to be right. To them, their beliefs are always truth regardless of what other’s beliefs. Like tyrants, they approach with absolute power and create conflict wherever they go. They seldom to agree on anything because if they do, there is no reason to fight. Anger is what motivate or give them the energy. They tend to get angry easily and allow anger cloud their judgment.

On other hand, peacemakers is more simple. All they want is peace, nothing more. They don’t like to compete or argue with others. If warriors use most of their energy focusing on fighting and wining, peacemakers conserve their energy enjoying peace in their lives. Some may mistake that peacemakers are coward, they avoid conflict. However, peacemakers don’t give up their abilities to fight, they will fight for their right if it’s necessary. They have total control of their emotion and connect themselves with others. Care about others and forgive those who did them wrong. They know life is short and they are here to enjoy the peacefulness of life.

Be peace maker or be warrior. It is your choices, no one can choose for you.

“Peace is not something you wish for; It’s something you make, Something you do, Something you are, And something you give away.” ~Robert Fulghum


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  1. powerful statement

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