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Most of us are afraid to be bored we can’t stand a minute not doing things. Boredom considers as waste of time. When we wait at the doctor office for our regular check up, we force ourselves to read magazine, check email on the phone, or tap our feet impatiently. When we wait for someone, we continually check our watch for time, walk back and forth, or start making mutiple phone calls. We constantly have to find something to do, if not we don’t feel like we are human being anymore. We never think of taking that time to relax, shut down our system and let it rest for awhile. We know how to shut down our computer when it is not in use or turn off the car engine when its temperature reaches too high. Unfortunately, we don’t seem to know that we need to rest or relax sometime. So next time, you feel bored. Instead of finding something to kill time, take that moment to relax. Clear all your thoughts and give your muscles the rest they deserve. Take off the mask or whatever your role-play is for a minute; let yourself connect with your inner self. You will see boredom is not your enemy; it is a friendly reminder to let you know time to rest.


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  1. you are absolutely right. We all are afraid of boredom & as the time is passing we are becoming like a machine which keeps on working and which has no stop button. even if we try to relax our mind keeps on thinking about works we have do in future.
    We should learn to relax and for that we should do meditation.

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