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Difficult People Are Not Bad

Weed is not bad. It is just a plant growing where you don’t want them to. Doing its own thing to be alive and reproduce. Same to our society, difficult people are not bad as we assume. They are just doing things we consider as wrong or unethical. Seeking for attention and caress from others but express it in a wrong way. We’ve all been there. A coworker who has a bad day, a friend who stress out after divorce, or a customer who doesn’t get what he/she wants, make us jump to our own defense and feel insulted. We treat them poorly because we assume that is what they deserve.

In God’s eyes, everyone is equal- no good or bad. God doesn’t keep a list of all bad things people do. Conversely, he reward people for good things they do. He judges no one, so do we. Next time,  you have to deal with difficult people, don’t see them as bad people. Show them that  you care and treat them with all of your kindness. After all, it cost you nothing to be kind or care to others. Adapt an X ray vision, see thing as God see. Don’t judge people by the wrong things they do, see them for the good thing they do.


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