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There will be a moment in your life when you wake up in the morning, before you get out of bed to prepare breakfast or when you are on the way to work. You may ask yourself, what would my spouse does without me? Or does my boss know how fortunate he/she has me in his/her company? How will my children survive if I am not there for them? You view yourself so important and concentric. Unfortunately, the more you think you are so important, the more stresses you create for yourself. More responsibilities you add to the weight you carry on your shoulder.

You may think you are the center of universe and nothing can be done correctly without you. Everyone seems depend on you. There is no time for you to relax as a problem solver. Because of those thoughts you doubt others for their abilities doing their own task and don’t accept help from anyone else. The truth is no one will die without you, the company will not go bankruptcy when you are no longer working for them. Your family will not starve to death without you. Don’t make yourself so important. Eventually people will move on and move forward. So put down those weight off your shoulder and relax. Reach out for help when you needed and believe in those who you ask to do you a favor. After all you are just human being like the rest of the world, no one is more important than others.


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