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Accept and rebuild.


Sometime, you wait for the rain pass and think you will be OK. Then the storm come next and mess everything. God, why you keep testing my strength? Don’t I desert to have a moment of peace? Silent is God’s answer. Life is just like build a sand castle on the beach. Waves after waves storm to destroy it and there is nothing you can do but keep building and rebuilding. As you are rebuilding your castle over and over again, you start to learn to observe, listen, and accept. Listen to the whisper of the wind, the roar of those angrily waves, the chirp of bird flying freely in the sky. Accept the pain of seeing your castle fall down apart as the waves rush to shore. And most important of all is you learn to enjoy during the process. When the night falls, you sit next to your castle and look up to the stars. Nothing seem can disturb you anymore at that moment. Even you know tomorrow, you will start everything over again. That is all our lives. Accept and rebuild.


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