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Ironically, we always ignore the ones who adore us, and adore the ones who ignore us. Between the one you love and the one who loves you, i guess you will choose the one you love even you know he or she will hurt you.

It is human’s behavior, we always like challenge. In another words, we like to create trouble for ourselves in life. We rather waste our time chasing the stars, when the moon is right there. People tell us not to play with fire, we play with it anyway. Same thing for love, if someone is too easy for you to get, you will never appreciate. That is reason, we choose the one we love and ignore the one who love us.

Truthfully, if the one you loves makes you cry more than he makes you smile, then maybe he is not the one for you. That’s not real love. Look for the one who loves to make you smile. The one that cares about you and your future. The one who adores you and becomes your best friend and lover… And when you find him. Don’t let him go.


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