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follow the flow


Everything happens in life is not under our control. Like you can’t control your own genders at birth or which family you are in. One thing you should be sure of is everything has been plan perfectly since the day you were born. Believe or not, you are destined for something great in life depend on how you picture it. The moment you think you are in control is also the moment of chaos. Things goes wrong then you start to feel disappoint, depress or even give up because you spend too much time trying to control things you can’t.

Life is more like swimming in the river. The moment you try to control is the moment you swim against the current, get exhausted and tired for nothing. So just let it be. Follow the flow. Surrender to the superior power. It will make your life easier. Everything in life happens for a reason, you may not understan why and you don’t need the answer. Just let the light guide your way.


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