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Jealousy is the fear of losing self value as you are comparing yourself with others. You get jealous when you see someone preferred or rewarded more than you. Your emotional jealousy raise as you see someone is more successful than you or a co-worker who is more favored by the boss.

Jealousy is a game of comparision and it takes only two to play this crucial game. You won’t stop comparing yourself with others until you get what you satisfied. In fact, there is no alternative way to win this game until you learn how to love yourself. Self value is not come from the love of others but from within. If you can’t even love yourself, how can you expect others to love you? So, take your eyes off others and start scanning within you for love. Instead of comparing yourself with others, use that energy to build your personal and emotional security. Find the seed of jealousy in you and replace it with love. Then you will be the one other envy.


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  1. Certainly, we feel worthless when we see others doing better than ourselves. loving yourself brings inner satisfaction. so my friends you will appreciate loving others through loving yourself.

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