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Take a first Step

It is hard to get much done one little step at a time. But it is impossible to get anything accomplish without going one little step at a time. Yet, obstacle may discourage us along the way but excuses are what stop us at the beginning. We all have a moment when we feel we don’t have time for anything, don’t have what it take to fullfill our goal, or don’t have a quiet place to concentrate therefore we give up before even trying. In life nothing can be done without taking the initiative. Don’t let excuses stop you from archieving your goals. Like Confucius said, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step” and it can start from the spot where you stand right now. Be initiative and fight for your dream if you have to. Paint a masterpiece of your own world the way you want it all begins with a single stroke.


Comments on: "Take a first Step" (2)

  1. We must all take a step into the Unknown, so that our true self can once again be Known.

    Great post my friend, and keep up inspiring your fellow brothers and sisters. Your heart and good intentions are needed and appreciated. =)

  2. Yep. I pray each day that I will archieve even my smallest goals. So many things I dream of begin with a single, smooth stroke.

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