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Lesson from the Kids

Great teachers are everywhere, they come from all races, genders, or ages. If you need an advice, ask  the elders for guidance because they have most experience in life. If you seek for happiness, study kids around because they are the only one who seems to be happy all day on this planet . Laughter is their nature, they find joy in every little thing from a beautiful butterfly to an make up imaginary friend. No matter what circumstain or situation turn out to be, they will choose to be happy. Sometime, they may feel unhappy after a fight over some toys or game. But as soon as they swipe off their tears, they start to be happy again. Happiness is what they are looking for therefore no negative emotional can ruin their joys.

You may envy them for living in the moment and wish you can be like them again. In truth, you were once a kid- so pure, innocence, untamed, and naive. You experience what it is like at their age before and you can be full of joy if you want. Just simply choose to be happy over the negatives. You will see happiness is not too hard to persuade, it is you who make it complicate. Awaken the pured spirit in you and nothing can stop you from persuading it. That is one of the lessons you learn from the kids.


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  1. Hi … in my openion, the most happy moments in my life was with best teachers when i was child. Some of these teaching tips still live in my life and i am using them when dealing with my kids and other kids

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