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Life is simply as breath in and breath out. Because of its simplicity, we can’t accept it. We add in Personality, Mind, Feelings, and Emotions to create the complexity for ourselves. Like in the movie or the news, if the stories are not so dramatics we need to add more ingredients to spice it up.

Same for our live, when the marriage fail we feel despair and find a reason or someone to blame. When someone mistreat us we hold a grudge over and over. When the traffic jams we can’t stop cursing or angry at other drivers. The problem is not the circumstance, it is us who won’t accept the facts.

You can moan over your fail marriage but nothing will change. you can hold your grudge as long as you want but no one really cares. You can curse the entire world when the traffic jams and you are still stuck in the congestion. Open your arm and accept whatever life throw at you. The world is perfect as it is, all you need to do is ACCEPT IT.


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