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Love is very strange.

Love is unconditional dedication to an imperfect individual. You want it however when you love, it’s like destining yourself for pain. You turn out to be addicted and dependent on that person. You grow to be strong and at the same time, you open yourself up to being hurt.

Love can make you endure any sort of pain and any form of sacrifice. It can also make you feel stupid and act stupidly. Sometimes when you love and end up giving so much of yourself, subconsciously you discover how much you’ve given when the person you love hurts you or has to say goodbye. Then you realize, an vital part of your self is already with that person. It goes away when he leaves and you are left with a sickening, empty feeling inside.

Tears are bound to shed from your eyes no matter how you force your self to hold them in. Most teardrops ever shed on this earth have been for love or lack of it. Well, this is what you get for caring so much about someone. But how can you regret it? To give your self freely and lovingly is the most beautiful thing you can do. Loving makes you real.


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