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Peace from Within


We all are travelers, who temporarily visit this world. We came with bare hand and we will leave this world with nothing in the end. All the money and frame that once we worked so hard to build, we still can’t bring them with us.

Even we know that but how many people can resist the world’s temptation? Have a roof, three meals per day, some saving in the bank are still not enough for us to be grateful. we always want more, more money, more love, more of this and more of that. The desire of wanting is limitless and that is where all the problems in life begin.

When we don’t have what we want, we wish and dream to have it. When we have it, we start to worry how to keep it forever. We get upset when we don’t have what we want. We feel painful when we lose what we love. we attach our lives to all temptations and allow it to control us. In fact, all the problems start from within because of what we want.

if we want peace, start to detach ourselves from the desire of wanting. Start to appreciate what we have instead of searching around for more. When we start to control our inner desires, peace will find us.



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