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Moment Alone

Nothing in this world happens randomly, everything happens for a reason. We have little or no control of what happens in our lives. The moment you think you have full control is the moment you are already controlled. If we look closely to our lives, we would realizes lives have pattern of repeating themselves. They are a series of lessons that repeat to teach us, to mold us, and to make us who we are today. And if you are lucky enough, you found that those repeated lesson in life teach you be acceptance, be patience, be kind, and most of all be yourself

Be acceptance because things are not under your control. so why swim against the current when you can relax and let the fate lead your way

Be patience because everything happens at right moment right time, you can’t force anything

Be kind because you don’t know who will come to rescue you when you are down.

Be yourself because you are original, don’t copy or pretend someone else



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