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They said, there will be something that happens in our lives that would change us to be who we are. Like a war, whatever events hurt us and leave us wounded with scars, they are only hurt at that moment. But the aftermath of those events always leave an great impact of pain and grieve that we all have to deal with.

Some choose to distance themselves from the world, build a shell and hide themselves within. Some choose to keep themselves busy to distract their focus on the pain. Some bury themselves in the virtual world and be someone they want to be. Whatever solution you choose, you only temporary use it to ease your pain. Unless you face it, re-live the pain over and over until you don’t feel it anymore, you will never get over it. So take all your courage, stand up and ready to fight. You did that before and you can do it now.

Remember the time when you learn how to walk? you crawl as fast as you can, use you both hands to push your body up. You take your a couple steps then fall down hit your face to the floor. It hurts so bad that you cry. Then second attempt, you walk a few steps more then fall again but this time, you use your hand to block the floor from hit your face. You feel less pain then before. After many attempt, you begin to balance yourself and walk longer distance. You start to smile and clap your hand when you walk with pride. If you can overcome any obstacle when you were a baby, what stop you from getting up now? think you can do and you can.




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